Hair Mineral Analysis

The hair analysis works by assessing your epigenetics for vitamins, minerals, parasites, bacteria, viruses, nutrition, toxins, antioxidants, microbiology, fatty acids, EFA and EMF (radiation), as well as system supports including adrenals, digestion, brain health, circulation, and emotions.

The testing itself involves scanning a hair sample (4-6 hairs). During the initial consultation, we discuss your results and look at ways in which you can optimise your epigenetic potential based on the analysis. You will also receive a comprehensive 32 page health and wellbeing report.



  • Initial testing + 1 hour consult - $135

  • Follow-up testing + 30 min consult - $95

  • Follow-up testing (no consult) - $75


Book or enquire through the form below. Please note your booking is not finalised until you receive a confirmation text or email with the date and time of your appointment. We are currently only accepting bookings during our open hours.

Cancellations require 24 hours notice or 50% of treatment fee will be charged.

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