Herbal Infusions

Blends created to support the healing of specific concerns and maintain the health of body systems.

Regular Infusion (flowers, leaves, powdered herbs): Steeping the plant in near boiling water, as for loose leaf tea. Use 1 tsp per cup of hot water if you intend to drink it by the cup, or prepare at the ratio of 32 parts of water to one part dried herb for a medicinal brew taken as 1-3 tablespoons three times daily. Stand covered for 10-40 minutes. Sweeten if desired.

Cold Infusion (any plant part): This method involves standing the dried herb in room temperature water at a ratio of 1:32 (herb:water) for 6 hours or overnight. This is the least damaging to the plant constituents. Take as per regular infusion.

Decoction (roots, seeds, bark, stems): This method involves cooking the thicker plant materials to extract the active constituents. Again, prepare at the 1:32 ratio, and boil the combination for 30-60 minutes. Let it stand until it is cool and then strain and drink throughout the day. Can be prepared the night before to drink the following day.

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