FAMILY ROAD TRIP! Wildflower Botanicals will be closed from 9th October until 19th October.

Wildflower Botanicals is located in the stunning seaside town of Kaikoura in New Zealand, nestled between snow-capped peaks and rambling native bushland. Not to mention the abundance of gorgeous marine life!

The business itself came to life in Western Australia in June 2007, beginning with a range of six organic botanical blends and growing exponentially to include all manner of plant magic as more people discovered the world of teas, superfoods and herbs...

All of the tea blends are lovingly handmade by Megan Sheppard, Herbalist and Natural Health Advisor. Megan has always had a love of herbs, creating (often bizarre!) concoctions from her mother's magnificent garden since she was a curious wee tot. Her passion for plant based nutrition and wellbeing through herbs and food was ignited in the mid 1980s, and continues to flourish and grow to this day.