Cold & Flu Balm

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Rub into chest, back, and soles of feet. For persistent coughs, congestion, tightness in the chest.

Can also be applied to lymph glands & back of the neck – test for skin sensitivity first. Contains essential oils reputed to have expectorant, demulcent, antispasmodic, antitussive and immune supportive properties.

For infants under 24 months, try our Baby Be Well balm

Ingredients: grape seed oil*, cocoa butter*, menthol crystals, NZ beeswax*, essential oils of cajeput, bay, clary sage, thyme*, West Indian sandalwood, niaouli*, aniseed, eucalyptus*, spearmint*, tea tree*, mandarin*
*denotes certified organic ingredients

Wildflower Botanicals Ltd. trading as Wildflower Botanicals (est. 2007)